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1. Can I get private health fund rebates in your clinics?

Yes. All our remedial trained therapists are health fund providers, however it is necessary for you to check with your health fund as each health fund has its own policy regarding what and how much they cover .

2. Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes Gift vouchers can be ordered over the phone and picked up from our clinic, or come in person to our clinic at opening times.

3. Do I have to book?

Bookings are not essential, Walk in customers are always welcome as we know how precious your

time is. However our therapists are very busy and to ensure a treatment time booking will ensure this.

4. What products do you sell?

We sell Green Dragon muscle rub. Hand made by Ian Blewitt our Sports massage and Dry needle therapist. We also sell pure essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils Company. Carrie O Donohue is our Aromatherapist and can assist you with choice.

5. When receiving massage service, what is the most important thing?

  • Giving the massage therapist feedback about the pressure or technique.
  • Being honest about your health history and present conditions.
  • Being prepared to ask questions if you are in any doubt about any part of the process.

6. Do you massage with oil?

Yes. Our base oil is organic and included in the price of the treatment.

If we use aromatherapy oils is extra, this will be discussed with you before these oils are used.

If a client prefers dry massage or feels more comfortable with their clothes on then oils is not used.

7. What are the qualifications of the practitioners?

All our remedial therapists are qualified Diploma Remedial Massage or higher. All of our Remedial therapists are members of the governing association (See ATMS). Any therapist specialising in extra modalities are trained and highly experienced.

8. Do I need a doctor's referral?

In most cases you don't need a doctor's referral. In some events we may ask you to gain your Drs approval before we commence with a treatment IE: Soon after surgery

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